Identifying and Prioritizing Elements of Competence School Principals With an Emphasis on Islamic Management

Document Type : Mixed Method Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Dapartmant of management University of Lorestan


The purpose of this research is to identify and prioritize components based on Islamic management competencies School administrators with Delphi's approach was fuzzy. Note that in this study a combination of interviews and questionnaires were used to identify the competencies of School administrators this comparative study - is inductive. In this study, the combination of these two qualitative and quantitative research approach was used with respect to the type and condition. The population of the study and assistant directors of secondary high school in Shhrkhrm-Abad. According to the sampling was targeted in this study.In the first study using a survey of managers 'and assistant School administrators schools about the merits components were identified. After interviewing 23 components of the competence School administrators identify and then identify the components of merit through a questionnaire and fuzzy Delphi components were prioritized. Factors such as work ethic, legality, broadmindedness, kindness and priorities in order from first to third.

Key words: competence, Islamic management, Delphi fuzzy