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  1. The Journal of School Administration, based on the letter No. 3/18/290135 dated 12/16/1695, from the first of spring 2016, succeeded in receiving the scientific-research degree from the esteemed commission of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology
  2. Articles written in a qualitative or mixed-method will be given priority.
  3. Before submitting the article, pay attention to the appropriateness of the article with the axes inserted in the goals and perspective section of the journal.
  4. The Journal of School Administration is indexed on the ISC database.
  5. Since the Journal will be published in the English Language from October 2021, it is necessary for the articles submitted to be entirely in English.
  6. School Administration Journal accepts all COPE terms and conditions regarding the protection of authors' rights and research ethics.              
  7. Having an academic email address and author ID (ORCID) is mandatory for authors, especially for Corresponding authors.
  8. The Worksheet of conflict between the author's interests with the signature of the corresponding authors of the article should be attached to the article.  
  9. All articles are open access that follows CC By $        
  10. All articles in this journal have been identified and the result will be communicated to the author. If there is a 20% similarity between internal and external sources, the article will be excluded from the judging process.

Publisher: University of Kurdistan, Iran, Sanandaj
Format: Print & Online
ISSN: 2538-4724 (Print); 2538-4732 (Electronic)
Language: English 
Scope: Educational Administration 
Article Processing Charges: Yes(4000000rials)
Type of Journal: Academic and Scholarly Journal
Open Access: Yes
Policy: Peer-reviewed
Review Time: Four to five months
Contact e-mail:

Current Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, September 2022, Pages 1-200 

Qualitative Research Paper

Components of the Culture of Obedience in Iranian Schools

Pages 1-20

Fariba Adli

Quantitative Research Paper

The effect of managers' Toxic leadership on creating organizational trauma in secondary schools

Pages 21-40

Esmail Rahmani; Siroos ghanbari; Mohammad Reza Ardalan

Qualitative Research Paper

Developing a Model to Prevent Job Isolation of School Principals in Iran Based on Grounded Theory

Pages 41-60

Neda Mozaffari; Mohammad Ali Nadi; Badri Shahtalebi

Designing a professional competency model for principals based on open innovation approach in technical and vocational schools

Pages 61-80

Niloofar Hemmatian; Hasanreza Zeinabadi; hosein Abbasian; Abdolrahim Navehebrahim

Mixed Method Research Paper

The role of self-development on job performance of school principals: A case study of secondary school principals in Isfahan

Pages 81-100

مریم تاجی; سید علی سیادت; لیلا مقتدایی

شناسایی و اولویت بندی ابعاد و مؤلفه های رهبری آموزشی تحول آفرین مبتنی بر سند تحول بنیادین

Pages 121-140

اسمعیل امینی; جهانگیر یاری حاج عطالو; زرین دانشور هریس

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