Aims and Scope

The Journal of School Administration publishes scientific and research articles in the field of educational management and all aspects of school leadership and management with the aim of publishing new theories and results of original research and scientific achievements.
The journal is primarily concerned with improving leadership and management practices in classrooms, schools, and other educational institutions, and will examine and explore the main issues and problems of leadership and management of schools and colleges at the individual and organizational levels.
 The editorial board of the journal welcomes scientific-research articles (with quantitative, qualitative and combined research strategies) that are written in one of the topics related to educational management and have the necessary scientific value for review.
The submitted article must be a research and the result of the author's research; Therefore, translated, promotional and review articles are not reviewed.
The editorial board of the School Management Magazine will review the following submissions specifically and out of turn:
1) Articles that seek critical perspectives, alternatives, and insights into the topics of educational leadership and school management.
2) Articles that contribute to expanding and deepening our understanding of the fundamental issues related to leadership and educational management, changing and improving the performance of school principals.
3) Articles written by education policymakers and stakeholders that well illustrate the relationship between research, theory and practice.