About Journal

This Journal has a publishing license with registration number 20532/92 dated 27/10/2013 from the Deputy Minister of Press and Information of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
Also, the publication was published with the approval of the esteemed policy-making and planning office of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with the number 130052/3/3 dated 09/11/2013 and according to the license number 172494/3/3 dated 10/09/2016 of that office Dear, the title of the magazine has been changed from "Organizational Behavior in Education" to "School Management".
 Based on the letter No. 3/18/290135 dated 03/06/2017, the Director General of Policy-making and Planning of Research Affairs of the Ministry of Science, received the scientific-research degree from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
  "This publication is the result of a joint activity of Kurdistan University and the Iranian Educational Management Association"
 Concessionaire: University of Kurdistan
Managing Director and Editor: Prof. Nasser Shirbegi, PhD in Educational Management