Examining the Important Values for Students’ Parents Regarding the Educational Services Received by Their Children

Document Type : Multi methods


1 Alame Tabatabaye University

2 Finance Science School, Kharazmi University ,Tehran, Iran

3 Department of Education and Psychology, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran ,Iran

4 student of phd Allame university.education department. Tehran.Iran


The purpose of this article is identification of factors which have significant effects on the perceived value of educational services by students’ parents in Iran educational system. Furthermore, we explore the role these factor play on the evaluation of educational services by parents. The statistical population of this study includes the parents of students of all secondary private schools in Tehran at the year 2021 and 800 parents were selected using random sampling. The research tool is a questionnaire with 62 statements which were identified using interviews by experts. We collected 300 questionnaires after calculating validity and reliability. We used Principal Components Analysis (PCA) in order to extract factors with highest degree of determining power. Using four identified principal components, we run a linear regression for testing the significance of these factors. Our results show that all of four factors i.e. functional, social, emotional and epistemic value have significant impact on the perceived values by parents in Iran educational system.


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