Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, Autumn 2017 

Quantitative Research Paper

1. A Study of the Relationship Between Secure Base Leadership and Schools’ Staff Happiness: Mediating Role of Psychological Safety

Pages 1-21

sadaf khalijian; Gholamreza Shams; Mohammad Hassan Pardakhtchi; Sayyid Mohammad Mirkamali

2. Factors Affecting’ Organizational Behavior

Pages 23-45

jafar torkzadeh; elham razi; zahra najafi

3. The Role of Talent Management in the Organizational Health

Pages 47-61

HOJJATOLLAH DARAFSH; Hamid Farhadirad; Azita Abhark

Qualitative Research Paper

6. Indicators of a successful educational leader; Findings of a phenomenological study

Pages 109-128

JSA-1707-1182 (R3)

seyed mohamad mard; Hasan Reza Zaynabadi; Bijan Abdollahi; HAMID REZA ARASTEH

Mixed Method Research Paper

7. Identifying and Measuring the Components of High School Teachers Development (Case Study: Tehran Province)

Pages 129-150

mehri ghanizadeh; Parivash jafari; Nadergholi Ghourchian

Qualitative Research Paper

8. Identifying the dimensions and behavioral indicators of school principals in the context of quantum paradigm: qualitative research

Pages 173-191

Bita Abdolhoseini; bijan abdollahi; Hasan Reza Zaynabadi; saeed zarghami

Quantitative Research Paper

9. A meta-analysis on researchs on effective factors on the performance of school principals

Pages 193-215

bijan rezaee; hamdola tarin

10. Teacher leadership and The Scale of its Measurement in Schools

Pages 217-236

reza hoveida; seyed hedayatollah davarpanah; hamed rezaeian

Qualitative Research Paper

13. Investigate Application of Aspect of Social Capital inTehran Schools, Qualitative Study

Pages 277-297

Marzieh Dehghani; mohaddeseh faraji

Qualitative Research Paper

15. Interactive justice in school ,human relationships and morality

Pages 319-338

Ali Zakavati Ghozlou