Volume & Issue: Volume 8, Issue 3, September 2020, Pages 1-238 

Mixed Method Research Paper

Provides a high-performance model of school management performance based on the three-pronged model

Pages 28-1

رشید احمدرش; شوبو عبدالملکی

Qualitative Research Paper

Presenting Talent Management Model in Tehran City Schools: A Qualitative Study

Pages 50-29

غلامرضا عزیزی; میترا عزتی; امیرحسین محمدداودی

identify barriers to entrepreneurship education in Kermanshah schools

Pages 66-51

بیژن رضایی; نادر نادری; مریم صفری بابازیدی

Mixed Method Research Paper

Localization Branding of Training and Social Personal Entrepreneurship for Model Presentation ( A Case Study: Educational Department Mazandaran Province).

Pages 94-67

میترا ناصری آالشتی; فاطمه هاشم نژاد آبرسی; سعید صفاریان همدانی

Mixed Method Research Paper

develop and validate the empowering model of managers in technical and vocational schools: A Mixed Method Study

Pages 197-174

اکرم درتاج; عباس عباس پور; علی دلاور; حسین عبدالهی

Quantitative Research Paper

Factor Structure Analysis of Power of Response to Environment Scale in Public Schools of Shiraz

Pages 214-198

جعفر ترک زاده; زهرا نجفی

Qualitative Research Paper

A phenomenological Analysis of the Principals and Teachers Perceptions and Experiences of the School Management Excellence Program in Sanandaj Secondary Schools

Pages 275-238

نعمت اله عزیزی; هوشیار فتحی; سیده زهرا حسینی

Exploring the key features of Governmentality in schools

Pages 335-303

مهدیه دژبرد; رضوان حسین‌قلی‌زاده; محمدرضا آهنچیان

Quantitative Research Paper

Evaluating the effectiveness of in-service training courses for teachers of primary school Based on the Kirk patrick's model

Pages 399-371

رضا محمدی; اکبر خرسندی یامچی; منیژه اینانلو

Mixed Method Research Paper

Appropriate strategies for increasing the linkage between home, school and Community; Utilization of global experiences

Pages 438-419

سعید باقری; علی همتی عفیف; مهدی نادری نسب

Qualitative Research Paper

Study of Educational administration Developments: A Qualitative Study

Pages 458-439

حمیده پاکدامن ساران; فرنوش اعلامی; محمد قهرمانی

Design of process model for developing educational leader’s skills: a Qualitative Research

Pages 508-484

حامد رنجبر; نادر سلیمانی; حمید شفیع‌زاده