Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 1, Winter 2021, Pages 1-400 

Mixed Method Research Paper

1. Transformationalism in School Administration Based on a Comprehensive Model of Cooperation

Pages 27-1

Saber Hedari; Fardin Batmani; Fardin Abdoalahi

2. Multilingual education in Iranian schools: Qualitative meta-analysis

Pages 48-28

Javad Jahandideh; Mahboobe Arefi; Abbaselt Khorasani

Quantitative Research Paper

4. Study The Agility of Human Resources in the education

Pages 97-71

Nafiseh Khakivatan; Hossein Abbasian; abdolrahim navehebrahim; HAMID REZA ARASTEH

5. Standardization and validation of talent management tools in gifted schools in Tehran

Pages 127-98

Gholamreza Azizi; Mitra Ezzati; Amir hossien Mohammad davoudi

Qualitative Research Paper

8. Identify the mechanisms for effective management of incompetency teachers

Pages 204-180

Fatemeh Narenji Thani; Seyed Mohammad Mirkamali; Somayeh Asadi; Fateme Nosrati

Mixed Method Research Paper

10. Developing a model for entrepreneurship education for high school students

Pages 261-231

Javad Jeddi Gargari; Yusef Mohebzadegan; Mohammad Azizi

11. Investigating the Situation of Educational Equity in the Public Schools in Tehran

Pages 288-262

Maryam sadat Ghoraishi khorasgani; Mohsen Nazarzadeh Zare; Behnoush Bahrami

Quantitative Research Paper

14. Investigating the Psychometric Properties of principals' instrucional Management Rating Scale (PIMRS-22)

Pages 358-337

Ali Yousefi; Adel Zahed bablan; Mahdi Moeinikia

Qualitative Research Paper

20. Preparing to lead the digital transformation in schools

Samaneh Keshmiri; Saeid Moradi