Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 2, Spring 2021, Pages 1-360 

Qualitative Research Paper

5. Health-Centered Lifestyle Management in High Schools

Pages 134-99

Maliheh Khosravi; Hossein Saemi; Ali Hosseinaei; Ali Asghar Bayani

Mixed Method Research Paper

6. Evaluation of Green Spaces in the Elementary Schools with an Emotional-Oriented approach

Pages 165-135

Mahsan Zarei; Fahimeh Motazedian; Ahmad mirzakoochakkhoshnevis

Qualitative Research Paper

7. A phenomenological Analysis of the Teachers Perceptions and Experiences of the elementary managers and teachers of Educational Leadership

Pages 190-166

maryam shafiei sarvestani; abbas rajaei azarkhavarani; farshad rashidi

Mixed Method Research Paper

8. Development of physical education teachers' leisure time based on the approach of improving human resources in school environments

Pages 219-191

Mohamad Rohani; Kamilia Abdi; Sayed Mohamad Ali Mirhoseni; Amir Kazemi

Qualitative Research Paper

11. Analysis of effective components in parental involvement: A qualitative approach with content analysis method

Pages 300-269

Fariba Agah; Mohammad Ali Nadi; Fariba Karimi

Mixed Method Research Paper

12. Designing and validating the competency model of smart school principals

Pages 331-301

nasrin cheraghi; Fardin batmani; Naser Shirbagi

13. Presentation of Authentic Leadership Model for High School Principals Case Study

Pages 357-332

ashrafosadat khorsandi; rasoul davoodi; naghi Kamali

Qualitative Research Paper

14. Preparing to lead the digital transformation in schools

Pages 386-358

Saeid Moradi; Samaneh Keshmiri

15. Phenomenological analysis of the factors affecting the improvement of public participation in school sports

Pages 412-387

Yaser Javidi; Layla sadat Gamshidian; Ahmad Torkfar; Sayed Mohamad Ali Mirhosein

Mixed Method Research Paper

17. Identification and Prioritization of Key Performance Indicators in Elementary Schools by Fuzzy Delphi and SWARA Methods

Pages 489-455

Abbas Abbaspour; Seyyed Rohollah Taymouri; Hamid Rahimian; Hussein Abdollahi

Quantitative Research Paper

18. Identifying the conditions for the establishment of distributed leadership in the primary schools in Mashhad, Iran

Pages 516-490

Forugh Dehghani Poor; Rezvan Hosseingholizadeh; Tahereh Javidi kalateh Jafarabadi

Mixed Method Research Paper

19. The design & validation of the Model of professional Ethics of primary Schools principals A mixed Method Study

Pages 538-517

Nazanin Zadeh Moradian alani; Ebrahim Pourhosseini; Shoja Araban