Volume & Issue: Volume 7, Issue 3, October 2019, Pages 1-300 

Qualitative Research Paper

Linking Theory and Practice in Educational Management: Exploring School Principals' Interaction with University Professors

Pages 44-23


katayoon meidanipour; abbas abbaspour; ali khorsandi taskoh; Samad Borzooian

Mixed Method Research Paper

Study of the complication of exercise in schools in deprived areas of Iran

Pages 102-87


Shahab Bahrami; Bita Ghobadi; Shirin Mohammadi

Qualitative Research Paper

A Model Representation with Grounded Theory approach for Nature Schools Development in Iran

Pages 123-103


farzaneh soleimani; Nader Soleimani; akhtar Jamali; Reza Shabannejad Khas

Quantitative Research Paper

Influence Authentic Leadership on Readiness for Organizational Change with Mediating Role of Psychological Capital

Pages 141-125


Mahnaz Khakpour; zahra hajeanzahaie; farideh ashraf ganjoui

Qualitative Research Paper

Identifying dimensions and behavioral symptoms of visionary educational leaders in elementary schools: Qualitative and phenomenological inquiry

Pages 160-143

ZAHRA HEMMATYAR; Bijan Abdollahi; abdorrahim navehebrahim; Hasan Reza Zaynabadi

Quantitative Research Paper

the effect on the quality of work life on psychological well-being with mediating of managerial consulting in school principals

Pages 310-295


saeed Farahbakhsh; Moslem Ghobadiyan; Maryam Farahbakhsh; kobra usofvand