Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 1, Spring 2022, Pages 1-300 

Qualitative Research Paper

1. Identifying Factors, Criteria, and Ranking Symptoms of High schools: Findings of a Qualitative Research

Pages 21-40

Mohammad Reza Saeedimoghaddam; Bijan Abdolahi; Abdolrahim Navehebrahim; Hasan Reza Zaynabadi

Qualitative Research Paper

3. Identifying Factors Affecting Organizational Intelligence of High School Principals

Pages 100-120

Fateme Azizi; Sayed Mosa Khadami; Amin Rahimikiya

4. Representation of Qualitative-Descriptive Evaluation Experience in Primary Schools

Pages 61-80

Jamal Mortazavi; Ali Hoseini khah; Masoud Gerami Pour; Balal Izanlo

Qualitative Research Paper

6. The Unspoken Side of Academic Textbooks on School Management

Pages 144-133

Shirkoh Mohemmedi

7. Presenting a Model for Teachers' Career Adaptability Based on a Qualitative Approach

Pages 201-220

Nadrer Soleimani; Amirhasan Koohi; Hamid Shafizadeh

Quantitative Research Paper

8. An Induction of Schools' Managerial Problems in Iran

Pages 321-340

Ali Khalkhali; Peyman Dorraj